UAPB Becomes First Four Year College in Arkansas to Offer Real Estate License Course

Starting in the Fall of 2018, The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) School of Business & Management and Associates Career Education Services (ACES) will forge a partnership to offer students an upper-level Real Estate course that earns four (4) Credit Hours towards their degree, while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements to take the Arkansas Real Estate Exam.

This is the first time a four-year college in Arkansas has offered such a course. The course, titled “Real Estate Practice”, will not only provide basic knowledge to pass the Arkansas Real Estate Exam but affords the student a firm foundation to begin a real estate career. Specifically, the course contains the essentials of real estate law, principles, and practices. It will be offered in a format designed to prepare students for numerous career applications, while stressing the practical, rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge of real estate. Qualified UAPB students will find it as Course Number FINA3418 and it will be taught Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

A tangible community-focused approach will be taken, as organizers plan to invite realtors and real estate companies from around Central Arkansas to speak with Principles of Real Estate Students about the real estate industry here in Arkansas. The students will not only learn more about real estate from a practicing-professional, but garner valuable insight regarding career opportunities here in the state.

Scott A. Jones, Attorney and Principle Instructor for ACES stated: “This course presents a great opportunity for UAPB Students.  Attending this 60-hour class makes them eligible to sit for the Arkansas Real Estate Exam and provides them with upper level college credit. Student completing the course have the opportunity to obtain a professional license they can use to pursue real estate as their primary career or compliment other professional endeavors.  Beyond the educational value, the concepts and information learned here will be invaluable as they buy/sell property later in life.”

“Today’s educators are required to move well beyond traditional “book-knowledge”, so having the ability to strategically align with professionals from the private-sector was very attractive to our Department,” said Dr. Lawrence Awopetu, Interim Dean of the School of Business and Management at UAPB. “I am so very pleased that we will be able to offer a level of practical knowledge that can easily, and some cases instantly, transform into a job, career and income source for our students.”

The School of Business and Management is located within the main campus of UAPB in Pine Bluff. They focus their efforts on preparing business and management professionals and leaders who are in high demand by business, government, industry, and community-based agencies. They do this in a learning environment that facilitates excellence through programs and courses of high relevance and value to society.

Associates Career Education Services (ACES) is an Arkansas-based institution focused solely on real estate education & certification. They utilize highly-experienced and educated Broker/Attorneys as instructors in their licensing and continuing education courses.  The instructors are experts in the materials they teach. Students and licensees can expect to receive relevant materials they can use not only to pass the exams, but also throughout their careers. These highly qualified instructors present the practical aspects and the law in an easy to understand and informative manner.

Instructor Scott Allen Jones has been active in the real estate industry in Central Arkansas since getting his license in 2002.  Scott has been a broker since 2004 and has trained agents throughout the years.  Scott’s interest in real estate law led him to attend the Bowen School of Law in 2008, graduating with honors in 2011. Scott was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in 2012. He has practiced law with Wilson & Associates since being admitted and has concentrated his practice in Mortgage Banking Law. He is also an attorney with Attorney’s Title Group, LLC in Little Rock. He combines his practical knowledge of the real estate industry with his knowledge of real estate law to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the subjects he teaches. He is also the Principal Broker for Attorney’s Realty Group.

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