Reminder to Growers of Forage, Wheat and Oats

Carol Sanders | School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

im3vnb3844While many Americans are thinking about the upcoming holidays, growers of forage, wheat and oats are reminded of these deadlines.

Nov. 15 is the final acreage reporting date for perennial forage and pasture hay; and Nov. 30 is the final planting date for wheat and oats. Also, Dec. 15 is the acreage reporting deadline for wheat and oats and the last date to request Prevent Planting.

Growers report their acreages so there is a record of the crop having been planted. “This is important should a natural disaster occur or if future programs are announced. Growers can then immediately apply for disaster relief or participate in future programs without first having to prove a crop was ever planted,” said Dr. Henry English, head of the Small Farm Program at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

“Also by reporting their acreage before the reporting deadline, growers avoid a late fee should they apply for disaster relief because of a natural disaster,” added Dr. English. “If reported after Nov. 15, growers of perennial forage and pasture hay will incur a late fee as will growers of wheat and oats who report after Dec. 15.”

The Nov. 30 final planting date for wheat and oats is important to those who have crop insurance. If they purchased wheat and oat crop insurance, Nov. 30 is the final planting date for that crop, said Dr. English. Acres planted after this date receive a reduced guarantee.

For more information on forage, wheat and oats planting or reporting dates, contact your local Farm Service Agency office.


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