Vaughan family gives $1,000 to performing arts scholarship

Vaughan Donation

Cutline for photo: Rose Pridgeon Vaughan (far left) presented a $1,000 check to UAPB Chancellor Dr. Laurence B. Alexander (second from left) to benefit the David Vaughan Performing Arts Scholarship. She is accompanied by her daughter, Kellie Vaughan Noble, and husband, Edward Earl Vaughan (far right). The scholarship is awarded each year to a black male at UAPB majoring in theater. Photo by Tisha D. Arnold

The family of the late David Vaughan, a former University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) student, presented a check to the institution for $1,000 to benefit the David Vaughan Performing Arts Scholarship.

Vaughan’s unfortunate death on October 2, 2003 halted a promising career in theatre arts. According to his mother Rose Pridgeon Vaughan, he always loved to write. At the age of eight, he acted in a play called The Crucifixion that started it all. Vaughan went on to participate with Mississippi Boulevard, Port City Players and the John McLinn-Ross Players. A Performing arts major and a playwright himself, Vaughan wrote a play called, “And the Books Were Open” that was directed by former theatre professor Steve Broadnax. David Vaughan had plans to move to New York to write plays and perform on Broadway.

The check to was presented to UAPB Chancellor Dr. Laurence B. Alexander by Rose Pridegeon Vaughan (David’s mother) who was accompanied by her husband, Edward Earl Vaughan (David’s father), and Kellie Vaughan Noble (David’s sister).

“My hope is that the scholarship will continue to help get more young black males involved in theater,” Rose Pridgeon Vaughan said. “They could benefit from it.”


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