Register irrigation wells and relifts to avoid penalties

Carol Sanders | UAPB School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences

Dr E cropFBPINE BLUFF, Ark. – Now is the time for producers to register their irrigation wells and relifts used in 2014 to divert water. Dr. Henry English, director, Small Farm Program at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, urges them to do so as soon as possible to avoid late fees ranging from a written notice to $500.

Registration is $10 per well and began on Oct. 1. It will continue through March 1, 2015, when the late fees will be assessed.

Registration of wells and relifts is important as it establishes a history of usage. Should water usage become limited, allocation of water resources will depend upon history of usage, says Dr. English. If there is no history, no water will be allocated for that well.

All water users are required to register their wells and relifts each year. Producers should go to their county conservation district office to do so. Also, well registration is being handled via email.

In Jefferson County, the county conservation district office is located in Room 2114 of the Federal Building, East 8th Avenue, Pine Bluff and for email registration information, email


One thought on “Register irrigation wells and relifts to avoid penalties

  1. I wonder how many really comply. In many European countries unregistered (= illegal) wells in backyards etc. are rampant. They are never registered because a) they may not be allowed in the first place or b) at a later stage might be regulated. Of course it doesn’t help manage the water tables but I wonder why your people should be that much more compliant …

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