Student-athlete to pursue dual master’s degrees at Boston University

maria cabaneBOSTON, Mass. – Maria Cabane has been surrounded by psychologists all of her life – her mother is an industrial psychologist and her grandmother is a clinical psychologist. She will further the legacy when she graduates from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff this semester with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. The Guatemala City, Guatemala native will then attend Boston University to pursue a dual Master’s degree in Sports Psychology and Counseling.

Maria knew she didn’t want to be in an office all day like her mom does or didn’t quite want to do clinical psychology, because something that she loves was missing. When she started to play competitive tennis again she realized that at practice time she performed better than in tournaments – that caught her attention. This sparked careful observation of how other players on teams interacted, including Guatemala’s National Soccer team.

“I watched all the games to classify to the world cup,” said Maria. “I saw that they played well but lost by so little because of lack of teamwork, confidence, and motivation.”

Noticing this caused her to do some research and fueled her interest in sports psychology.

“I knew it since the moment I found out about this field that this is what I wanted to do as a career,” said Maria. “I enjoy motivating people, love sports and enjoy traveling, so this seems like the perfect job for me!”

Maria has made the most of her time at UAPB as an active member of Alpha Chi, Alpha Kappa Mu, Psi Chi, and Chi Alpha Sigma, and Honors College. She also held positions as Senior Class President, Honors College President (2012-2014), and SAAC President. After obtaining her Master’s degrees, Maria plans to play professional tennis and get hands-on experience at a high level and continue at Boston University to earn a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology. Her dream is to be the team psychologist for Guatemala’s National Soccer team with the goal of helping them qualify for their first World Cup.


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