UAPB Art Department to feature the works of Jane Copeland and John Newman

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Art Department will feature an exhibit showing the works of Jan Copeland and John Newman in the Leedell Moorehead-Graham Fine Arts Gallery.

The ceramic work of Jan Copeland, known as “Raku”, is a very old Japanese firing technique done by taking a red, glowing hot pot from the fire or kiln and placing it into a combustible area filled with saw dust, dried leaves, paper and other materials.

Jane Copeland’s ceramic work illustrates this technique and is transformed into exuberating colorful surfaces from cool blues, greys and hints of red and yellow shiny silvery surfaces. The sculptures, organic in appearance are filled with an earthy and Native American quality. Her works are designed and placed into a totemic interlocking configuration, often times resembling archaic rock formations and prehistoric artifacts. She completes her work with raw materials such as sticks, rocks, crystals and other gathered to give her work a sense of variety and meaningful naturalistic forms. She has traveled to New Mexico to work with potters and to reexamine pottery works by many artists. Jan has a studio in Mount Ida, Arkansas and you can see more of her work by visiting .

The Paintings by John Newman, a retired art professor expand the gamut of his travels to the Greek Orthodox Church to the people of Macedonia. He paints the figure to capture the human condition. His works are a storied commentary of social issues and circumstances involving people and the interaction surrounding them. He captures movement and simple expressions through the use of neutral vivid colors and brushstrokes. His painterly approach to defining the figures are visually related to master impressionists artist such as Edgar Degas’ color contrast and Paul Gauguin’ unusual color choice with line expressions. Newman works conveys an in depth study of line, composition, space and limited form. The colorful paintings resonate with fluidity and movement, which shows the artist level of command and maturity.

The reception will be held on Thursday, October 24, from 5:30-7:00pm. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The works will be on view until November 27, 2013.


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