UAPB Professor selected by ETS to develop Teacher Portfolio Assessment

Dr. Vera Lang Brown, Associate Professor in the School of Education has been selected to serve on several national and state educational committees. Recently, Dr. Brown was selected to serve on the Praxis™ Pre-Service Portfolio Development Team at ETS in Princeton, New Jersey. The team would make two trips to NJ to assist ETS in developing a portfolio assessment for student teachers that is scheduled to launch in fall 2014. She was one of three representatives from Arkansas.

In May, she completed her first visit with the team of educators in the development of the initial stages of the preservice teacher portfolio. Dr. Brown commented working with the portfolio development team was professionally rewarding. It was an experience that provided her opportunities to share expertise in designing a comprehensive portfolio that would serve as a tool for assessing student teachers’ knowledge and ability based on national standards and other information. She will meet with the team in October 2013 to complete the development of the Preservice Teacher Portfolio Assessment.

In other assignments, Dr. Brown was selected to serve as a reviewer of proposals for the 62nd American Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators (AACTE) 62nd Annual 2014 Meeting. She reviewed eight candidates’ proposals who were interested in presenting at the 2014 conference on proposals that were centered on diversity.

Dr. Lang Brown’s expertise in the state and national standards and her knowledge of teacher education was invaluable to the committee as ADE strived to ensure that teacher candidates met the necessary requirements for becoming highly qualified to teach. She has served on the Arkansas Middle School Standard Focus Committee and hosted events such as the Literacy Symposium, Roar for Reading Summit, Bridging the Academic Achievement Gap Symposium and Bullying Symposium.

Dr. Lang Brown graduated from UAPB in 1979 with a dual major in Elementary Education and K-12 Special Education. She received a Master’s in Education from the University of Arkansas in 1986 and a Ph.D. in Education Administration in 1995 from Iowa State University. She is married to Spencer Brown and has two daughters: Rosalind Overall – a former classroom teacher who currently serves as Director of the Math Education Lab at Brookhaven Community College in Brookhaven, Texas; and Sherry Lang, an assistant Principal in the Dallas Independent school District who is presently working on her Ph.D. in reading at Texas Women University in Denton, Texas.


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