Dr. Luke Roy joins Aquaculture/Fisheries Center at UAPB

Bobbie Handcock | School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences    

 Pine Bluff, AR – Dr. Luke Roy has joined the Aquaculture/Fisheries Center of Excellence at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as an Extension aquaculture specialist.

Dr. Roy graduated from Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and geographical information systems. He received a Master of Science degree in soil and water science from the University of California, Riverside and received a doctorate in fisheries and aquaculture from Auburn University. Before coming to UAPB, Dr. Roy worked as an Auburn University research fellow where he was stationed at the Alabama Fish Farming Center in Greensboro, Ala. His responsibilities included coordination of research demonstration trials and the catfish yield verification program in west Alabama.

“Dr. Roy brings more than six years of warmwater aquaculture Extension experience to the UAPB Aquaculture/Fisheries Center,” said Dr. Carole Engle, director/chair of the Center.  “His experience in catfish research verification and with the culture of a number of other species in inland warmwater ponds will be valuable to the Arkansas aquaculture industry.”


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