Physics professor delivers keynote in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Dr. Miah M. Adel, professor of Space and Environmental Physics at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) recently delivered a keynote speech entitled “Downstream effects from headstream interventions” in Dhaka Press Club. He focused on the surface water scarcity, lack of groundwater recharging, depletion of natural breeding and raising grounds of 109 Gangetic fisheries and other aquatic animals, people’s sufferings from malnutrition, loss of inland navigable routes, generation of extreme climate, groundwater arsenic contamination, widespread arsenicosis among the people,  and the inland intrusion of saline waterfront in the downstream river basin following constructions of dams and reservoirs for water diversions at the upstream. 

According to Dr. Adel’s more than 20 years of research in environmental physics, the Indian Farakka Barrage on the Ganges, flowing into Bangladesh from the northwest, has turned one-third of the Bengal basin in the northwest into a desert and believes the same will happen to the northeastern third of Bangladesh as well. For more information about the presentation, contact Dr. Adel at (870) 575-8788.

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